Rephen Law Firm tried to scam me out of $200

Salyersville, Kentucky 1 comment
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I received a phone call from Kayla Brown saying I had a claim turned over to them from the company CHECK-REDI. She said it was for a checked that had been returned in the amount of $35, that had bounced several times. She said the amount I owed was $200, due to legal fees, service fees, and interest.

She provided me with a check number and such. I had dealt with CHECK-REDi a couple months ago, because of a returned check, which I paid in full, that I occurred before. I did in fact fall for this and give my debit information, just because I had a claim with CHECK-REDI and thought maybe it was true. She threatened to take legal action if I had not contacted them by the next day.

So, after I got off the phone with her I contacted my bank to verify what she was telling me and there was no check for that date in that amount. I immediately closed my debit card account. They apparently got my name from CHECK-REDI somehow, but are complete frauds. I asked repeatedly for information to be sent to me and she would quickly change the subject. I can't believe I fell for it! She gave me the number to call her back. She gave me this phone number to reach her at, 845-875-5218.

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Do not blame the collection agency.Blame CHECK REDI for outsourcing it to that firm.

Rephen Law Firm is actually a reputable company believe it or not. Their tactics are not the best but they work for their clients best interests. Your bank will NOT tell you if you overdrafted your account if it was turned over to a collection agency. I work for a bank in Kentucky and we risk losing your account if we do.

It was probably an honest oversight on your part but if you do not pay them it may damage your credit. Our bank has used Rephen Law Firm in the past to collect debts. They are based in New York.

Theyhave an excellent rating in collecting debt and if you do not pay they can make life difficult if you need credit.GOOD LUCK!

"Rephen Law Firm" is a fraud: DO NOT PAY

Mesquite, Texas 14 comments

A debt collector claiming to be "Erica Shaw or Erica Shah," a "legal processor" from a "law firm" called "Rephen Law Firm" (which she purposely pronounced "Restin" to avoid identification online) has attempted to collect a debt for a $45 bounced check. Their phone number is 845-678-1296. It is obvious from the overwhelming number of online complaints made to debt/credit complaint forums and the Federal Trade Commission that they are an illegitimate operation and should not be paid a single dime.

It is also evident that the "processing fees" they are attempting to collect are illegal given the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and therefore should not be paid either.

When questioned, she cited the Uniform Commercial Code which can be found here: and seen as an obvious sham to be cited, as states adopt only parts of the Universal Commercial Code and in different ways, meaning there is no way for her to tell me how exactly how it applies. IT DOESN'T. It's like saying the Bible says something is wrong, but without telling me the verse. Obviously bull.

It also clear to me that their threats to take legal action and "take me to court" are also illegal given the FDCPA as well. They also refuse to put anything in writing and refuse to stop contacting me after both verbal and written no-contact statements, which is also illegal.

No reputable company only takes payment through Western Union. No legitimate company refuses to put things in writing or on their "law firm" letterhead.

My only question is why fraudulent companies such as this are still able to operate under this Act?

This company has even set up bogus "consumer help/protection" websites to gather people's information here:

How is this legal? Should I report again to the Federal Trade Commission here or somewhere else?

In short, do not give these people a dime. They prey on people who do not know their legal rights. They only buy bulk debt from companies who have already written off bounced checks. They intimidate people into thinking they are going to go to jail or be taken to court because their check bounced when this is simply not true.

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Bahama, North Carolina, United States #1254980

People this is a scam.Don't pay them ***.

Don't fall this..Both companies are in to take your money.


Stop writing bad checks and you wouldn't be dealing with these people.


the rephen law firm is no joke.they are telling you that there will be a recommendation to the client to possibly pursue the case further, and that is it.

you dont have to pay, but the consequences of not paying are a bad credit report and higher and higher costs to resolve it in the long run.

if you wrote the check for a car payment you could go to jail for grand larceny and auto theft.

they are well withing the FDCPA and the bottom line is that before they called you, you bank informed you as required by law, and it is likely that several collection agencies sent you several letters and made several phone knew all along, so stop whining about the goods you stole and make restitution.


can i get my money back that firm rephen law firm i gave them my money and bcause thay had my name and ***. can i get my money back


I Have been dealing and trying to get rid of these people for the past month I apparently owed 500 dollars and have paid them so far 215 and have been tryng to set up arrangements even though they will not do what I have asked them and send me paper showing what I owe and what the additional money is for


All of you are crazy- take responsibility YOU WROTE BAD CHECKS!!!The law firm is not a bogus law firm- ask them for the address-take a visit and stop by.

I was employed there. They are real people with real information- YOUR INFORMATION. Everyone there is willing to take payments as long as your actually making payments. Most of the people- SOME OF THE PEOPLE HERE- are bad people who write bad checks and expect to just get away with it.

DOESNT WORK LIKE THAT! Not paying for your checks will prevent you from getting a home loan, car loan and even refinancing your home.

so go ahead- dont pay- we could care less!its only going to hurt you!


Try being honest and humble and picking up the phone and talking to these people like actual human beings and they will treat you the same way. That's how I dealt with rephen and my bad checks and I had no problem.


i was contacted by a woman claiming to be amy washington from this bogus firm telling me i owed $140.45 for a check i wrote back in june.i knew about the check so they had the amount right however my bank took care of the check and this crazy woman keeps calling me threatening me about jail.

when i called to get the information to take care of the check again so they could stop calling me amy says you must send it money gram express and you owe $260.45 when i asked where she got that price from she started yelling like she was crazy saying you don't have to pay it. she then connected me with someone there calling herself suzanne london she told me the same bull.

when asks for records showing why i owed so much she clearly stated we don't give out paperwork.isn't it obvious this company is fraudulent???


I have received several phone calls from this law office stated that I have several returned checks in there office.I have got several from calls from them on my job, stated that if i didn't send $300.00 a month they would take me to court and put a warrant out for my arrest.

Also, they will not send me any receipts or copies of the check that I wrote showing you they are... I have been sending them money and now i don't know what to do.

the lawyer stated that this goes back to 2008 and now I am receiving phone calls.What should i do???

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #184416

emma gold called me from rephen law firm i owed 195.00 i could do western union

what should i do. she said i owed the money to cash jar.


I apparently wrote a check in 2008 for 13.90, I don't recall anything, and that account has been closed for a while. I obtained a my consumer report and saw that I owed "security check" 13.90 so I called to pay it, they forwarded me to Rephen, NOW, I owe 163.90. That is absolutely pathetic~


Yes, southerngirl they are entitled to that money legally and they will pursue you further.

bort_18: if over the top posts post by irate anonymous people you google is the basis for all big decisions then it is no surprise as to why or how you have ended up in this position. How will you explain to the judge that you didn't resolve what you knew you owed because of a paranoid delusion you have? You are digging your own grave.


I had wrote 3 checks dated 10-08 of $208.oo got a car from rephen law firm in new york i wrote the checks and wanting to take care of them a mrs.lawson from that office said it was $688.00 if i didnt pay them i would be sued dont want to go to court so i mailed them $300.00 but she said i would have to pay the remainer off or that would carry me to court what should i do?


I have been getting call after call from the Bradley J.Rephen law office regarding a serious legal matter.

I never answer the phone because I googled them and I see that they are using dishonest techniques to get money from people.

I have pulled my credit report and there is nothing on there to suggest I owe any debt nor can I think of anything from the past I might still owe on.How can I get them to stop calling me?

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Rephen Law - Trying to collect on a bogus amt

Ocala, Florida 0 comments

they called me and said I owed two cks i supposedly wrote on a bank i never had, at the ime i was incarcerated and these people keep calling me and i don't know what to do, they're threatening to go to the states atty in fl.

i told the guy at Rephen Law, which was rude also, need some advise, can anyone help email me at

I'm stuck on this situation, and i don't need this hassle.If anyone can help me with what they did i'd appreciate it.


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Rephen law firm is bogus trying to collect what doesn't exist.

Wichita, Kansas 0 comments

was contacted by this law firm supposedly to collect a bad check that was never paid.hav e never had that happen in my life.

was for a phone # that is not mine in a year different from when i had an actual acct at the bank stated. said they could settle out of court for x amt if i would settle within 48 hours. the place doesn't exist here or anywhere else i have lived. the person i spoke with was unwilling to give any info and was extremely rude.

do not fall for this scam as it is completely bogus. contact them back and try to get more information.

do not give out your banking info ever.this is the 3rd attempt at id theft for me

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Rephen Law - Agent Mark Cooper

Washington, District Of Columbia 2 comments

I was not at all surprised to see the negative comments regarding Rephen Law in NY.Just got off the phone with their agent Mark Cooper.

This individual needs some extensive training in people skills, and based on the other comments here, I refuse to send any money to this firm, as I have serious doubts as to their validity.

Perhaps Rephen Law should screen their employees before hiring rude, immature, temperamental brats to man their phones, if there actually is a Rephen Law firm.If they do exist, I can see why the only business they obtain is playing "thug" over the phone.



A friend of mine recently dealt with these people as well.He's spoken to them several times and not once did he get the Mini Miranda, not once was he informed of being recorded, and they called him back more than once in a day.

When a "supervisor" was told about this he was told "Yes you were." and hung up on.

Yeah, that really makes someone wanna settle a "debt"

If this is a legit company it won't be around much longer.My husband is a debt collector and when he heard about this, he quickly wrote to all the appropriate people.

Jalapa Enriquez, Veracruz-Llave, Mexico #18422

I think Rephen Law Firm is a fraudulent company. If you type in this phone number: 845-678-1268, you will see other comments people have made about Rephen Law Firm contacting them about accounts past due when they really are not. IT IS A SCAM!!!

Rephen law is a phony Yes or No

Albany, New York 1 comment
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I was called from Rephen law in New City, NY asking for 3600.00 for a bounced check that I never wrote.They told me that the check number was 9751 but could not idenify the bank and we are not up to check 9751.

when I asked for the bank name or details, invoice ar any information they could not give that to me. the person I spoke with was Elisibeth Parker and her direct line number is 845-678-1265. It seems odd that a law firm would not have back up information on hand and be willing to share that with you. When I called the law firm they claim to be a colllection firm but are they?

In any case i am sending a letter to both the attorney general's office and the NYS law board.

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Stone Park, Illinois, United States #22050

Mr. Cain from the law firm is calling me now about a bad check i "so called" wrote....but i called my bank and looked through all my bank statements and could did not see the check number... the number is 845-678-1275...

Rephen Law - Freudulant Practice

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 0 comments
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I find this law firm to be very incorigable.I had to repay my debt 3 times, yes 3 times.

The check machine was broke at the gas station and recorded the check as a decline while it removed the dollar amount from my checking account. I have no charge card so I had to leave my license and return with cash the next day which I did, got my check back, found out that each time it tried it deducted the amount from my account, then it got reported as NSF adn turned over to this thief, who charged me double plus more on the maintence fee and the icing on the cake is he continued to report this as a NSF for one year with a zero balance owed, paid in full on my credit report which is preventing my credit score to go anyother way other than down.

He should be dis-barred and have his credit report run into the ground like he does to the rest of us. This can not be legal. He refuses to change his reporting.

If I see he continues the reporting into 2008 I will file a hefty suite and if anyone wants to join in your more than welcome to partner up with me.Contact me at

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